Cannot receive email from funds transfer processor


I generally have no problems sending or receiving email from any email account on the domain hosted at StableHost, for which I am the webmaster. However, whenever attempting funds transfer from a bank through to at least two email addresses on that domain, the sender of the funds receives an error message such as:

“The $0.02 (CAD) you sent to MAO EH on August 16, 2021 was not delivered because we encountered a problem notifying MAO EH. As a result, your money was not sent to MAO EH.

This is likely due to an invalid email address or mobile phone number, but could also be caused by other delivery issues such as a full inbox, blocking by mail filter/firewall or mail server/ISP problems.”

The email accounts are valid and lots of room available in each. I verified email settings in cPanel. There was an issue with the SPF record which I fixed at Cloudflare. Email delivery status is now Valid. That did not solve the problem.

I whitelisted the interac sender’s address to the spam filter. That did not solve the problem.

I checked the email Track Delivery report. I can see entries for what looks like all traffic in or out from the domain, but absolutely no trace of So it looks like the email gets turned back even before hitting my domain.

I have contacted interac to attempt to get an exact return code / error message received by them to help me orient my research but got nowhere with them.

As Cloudflare is on the path somewhere, is there any log on Cloudflare that I can review to attempt to trace what happened? I’m at a loss for any other ideas to solve that.


Other than DNS, Cloudflare is most definitely not in any Email delivery path. (unless you’re on an Enterprise plan and use Spectrum for your mail server)

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Yep, that’s what I thought. Wonder if there is any possibility that their server can’t find or talk to the DNS server? I’m really pulling my hair on that one and looking at any possibility, however remote (like, really remote!) it may be. Wonder if there are any logs of DNS server queries?

UPDATE: Problem solved. Although I had a DNS Only MX entry, it was pointing to an A record that was proxied. I created a new A record that was not proxied and pointed the MX record to that new A record. Hope this helps.

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