Cannot read properties of null (reading 'addEventListener')

When I go to I get the following error

       Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'addEventListener')
    at setEvents (tree.js:7:386)
    at initialize (tree.js:17:107)
    at c (rocket-loader.min.js:1:9405)
    at l (rocket-loader.min.js:1:1105)
    at t.simulateStateAfterDeferScriptsActivation (rocket-loader.min.js:1:8728)
    at Object.callback (rocket-loader.min.js:1:3075)
    at (rocket-loader.min.js:1:11340)
    at P (rocket-loader.min.js:1:3128)
    at Object.callback (rocket-loader.min.js:1:2851)
    at (rocket-loader.min.js:1:11340)

But I have Rocket Loader turned off.

Is this a new bug in Cloudflare?

I had to go and remove the page rule that said to switch off Rocket Loader. Once that was removed, the search functionality worked again.