Cannot purchase streaming account

Presing purchase button do nothing.

can you open the developer console (hit f12 ->click console tab) and screenshot it?

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Hi @Judge. I work with Dasun and can share a screenshot of what I see in the console when I attempt to purchase streaming on Chrome.

If no error appears in the console (there’s no error there) then it’s probably something with Cloudflare’s back-end. I recommend contacting support via a ticket (click ‘get more help’).

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Thank you @Judge. I submitted a ticket.

Let us know how it goes, @marko1. The only oddity I see from time to time on subscriptions is that if PayPal is the option, the pp account needs to be tied to a credit card.

Hello, I have a website that using Cloudflare “Free Website”. I want to try Stream feature. I already subscribe to Cloudflare stream, the subscription was success but when I tried to upload a video, this error occurred: “Error: tus: unexpected response while uploading chunk, originated from request (response code: 403, response text: { “result”: null, “success”: false, “errors”: [ { “code”: 10002, “message”: “Authorization Failure” } ], “messages”: [ { “code”: 10002, “message”: “Cloudflare Stream not enabled” } ] } )”. Then when I reload the page, I got initial “Enable Stream” button again.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks