Cannot publish to with free account

I have followed the tutorial for workers.
installed required files.
created a site with wrangler - it created a local site on my c drive.
when I try to publish tells me I need workers unlimited which is PAID account.
Have I missed something or is this the worst documentation I have come accross in 20 years of web development.

Documentation says it needs to be a paid plan, probably due to KV only being available with the subscription.

NOT using workers KV at ALL

Publish To Workers.Dev

With the workers_dev key in wrangler.toml set to true , Wrangler will publish your project to your subdomain.

# wrangler.toml

name = "my-worker"
account_id = "$yourAccountId"
type = "webpack"
workers_dev = true

Now, run:

wrangler publish

This does not work

Also I am NOT using worker SITES

Tell me anywhere on here where it mentions.
paid for account required.

No workers sites

It was the toml file that was generated by wrangler had a config setting for worker SITES so when publishing threw the error. The documentation for working with is appalling to say the least, a lovely person called Nena was very helpful in getting to the bottom of it. However even after that no matter what I do I am encountering error after error. As soon as I try ANYTHING other than hello word I get errors. If I get wrangler to generate my-app with default hello world all is well, if I try to do ANYTHING else including speed test example or just change the js file in any way there is error after error. I have sent Nena all the screenshots and explanations. All I wanted to do was see if it was viable for our company to use cloudflare - I think I have the answer. Life is difficult enough - I NEVER EVER spent so much time just trying to display a simple page on the internet not even in 1996 when I knew nothing.

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