Cannot proxy DNS records for mail servers


I am unable to proxy my mail server DNS settiings. Well I can. But it wont work.

I use gmail to send and received mail for my domain. Receiving mail is fine. But I cannot send mail while the mal.domain is on proxy.

As my mail server is on the same host origin this exposes my hosting IP if someone were to really dig deep to find my webhost IP

I can send mail via gmail for my domain fine with not proxied. But not with it turned on.

Why would this be?

Anything not web related (e.g. mail) should not be proxied at all.

If you do not want to have the address in the public, you can only switch to another mail provider.

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Hi there.

I actually receive emails just fine with no issues when the proxy is turned on . Just can’t send them.

Again, mail records should not be proxied.

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