Cannot point namecheap nameservers to cloudshare domain

Hi everyone. Sorry for the stupid question, it is my first time creating a website and I may have got in over my head by not just buying everything at namecheap.

I have purchased my domain with Cloudflare under a free account and simply need to update the nameservers to the ones provided to me. But I cannot seem to figure out how this is done in Cloudflare. The DNS management section for this domain is completely empty unlike the tutorials I tried to follow (not sure if that matters). As far as I can tell I need the namcheap nameservers to be input here, and then put the Cloudflare nameservers into namecheap?

You’ll only have to deal with one set of name servers in the end, but it’s slightly ambiguous which ones. Cloudflare is geared towards serving traffic, but also does domain names; Namecheap mainly markets itself as a domain name provider, but also sells hosting.

I would expect you want to use Cloudflare to serve a domain name bought from Namecheap, but I figure it’s best to get confirmation of that before I go into specifics that may not apply. :slight_smile:

The key point here is that a domain registered through Cloudflare has to use the Cloudflare name servers on your account. (ToS 6.1)

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Ah ok so that explains why it is not working as simply as other domain providers might. I am speaking with namecheap support right now and they say I can bypass this by copying the DNS records from the Zone Editor of my cPanel account to the domain’s DNS zone on the Cloudflare side. The DNS zone on Cloudflare is empty right now which might explain part of the issue. Just need to get their help accessing the cpanel (keep getting an error), but I will update here in case I figure out a fix.


In this case, your easiest route is probably to use the Cloudflare name servers but configure them to point to the hosting setup from Namecheap. It sounds like that’s what Namecheap support is directing you towards.

Most guides for getting Cloudflare set up are oriented towards domains that have already been set up and are using Cloudflare for proxying. That’s probably why you see filled out DNS entries in them.

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