Cannot pay via PayPal balance - cloudflare charging my card

Hello ,
So for some reason cloudflare doesn’t allow me to pay using PayPal balance - but only via my credit card

Preferred method is set to : PayPal balance , and keep in mind there’s more than enough to complete the 8.02$ transaction using my balance

At the bottom on the checkout fields there’s a message saying:

If you have a PayPal balance, we’ll use it first.
But turns out that’s not the case here , it’s still charging my card

Isn’t there a fix for it , settings , support ?

Posts with the same issue :

This post was from 2018 - isn’t a fix yet ?

@Laurie should be in soon and is most likely familiar with this.

Hi @mokmbfh,

When using PayPal for your subscriptions, as they are recurring monthly payments it does not use your PayPal balance, and does use the payment method on file that you have with PayPal.

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Thanks, Laurie. I may have mis-read the post and thought they were trying to pay for something on the spot.

When you have PayPal set as your payment method on file regardless of whether it is for a first charge or a recurring charge, the PayPal account is going to process the charge with the credit card on file with PayPal and not us an existing balance on PayPal for that payment.

Ah! I see! The original post quoted PayPal. I’ve seen that. But Cloudflare doesn’t accept that route. Somehow, Cloudflare has told PayPal that balances are not allowed…?

But on my account, I was charged for a domain renewal on October 10th, and it was pulled from my PayPal balance, not my credit card.

I use Paypal specifically because I do not wish to use a credit card.

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The registrar team operates renewals on their own so it is outside the normal billing processes.

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As above, recurring payments are always taken from the credit card. Pre-authorised payments (such as the registrar) can be either balance or credit card and it is a different process. PayPal operates like this for all businesses.


My recurring charges are also coming from balance, I need to have a credit card on file, but all my cloudflare billing from Pro plan (fixed recurring) to rate limiting (variable) (I dont have any domains registered with CF yet) is via balance.

Yes but that is not a fixed price “subscription” but a pre-approved payment that may change each month. In PayPal’s eyes they are different things.

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Ah got you, so it’s all about using pre-approved payments for your “subscriptions”. Will definitely remember that.

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