Cannot pay for the domain transfer

Trying to transfer domain to CF, but the payment is not working. I’ve tried different card for the payment in the billing but the result is always the same:

Something went wrong

xxxxxxxxxxxxx (domain name ware replaced for privacy purposes)

Your payment has been declined. Please check with your payment provider or try again with a different payment method.

Want to stop overpaying for the rest of your domains? Add them to your Cloudflare account and you’ll be able to transfer them to Cloudflare Registrar immediately.

I really don’t want to use PayPal as payment option.


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Same issue as yours.

This situation is best addressed by contacting support directly. Go to, log in and open a ticked.

You may also want to check whether there’s any temporary issue affecting billing at your region by looking at:

Same problem here. Tried different cards from different banks and all declined.

This happened to me when trying to transfer 5 domains at the same time. I suspect that CF is putting through 5 individual transactions and this is causing a trigger with the card issuer.

Can’t be bothered using CF for domain transfers if this keeps happening. Too much hassle to keep entering unlock codes after a failed transaction. Domains don’t stay in a shopping cart and one has to restart from scratch each time.

Sort out your payment back end - it’s a mess.

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I am having similar issues as OP, but I am using paypal and trying to do it on just one domain.

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