Cannot pay for invoices (Code 1211)

I am unable to make a payment with my credit card. It was working fine in the previous months.

Since the amount was not debited automatically, I tried to make payment from my dashboard as suggested by Cloudflare, but it shows an error every time. Contact your bank for assistance. An error occurred while collecting payment. (Code: 1211)

I have tried other cards but none is working. All my cards are working fine and I contacted the bank and they told me there is no issue with my cards.

Hi @pramanikshreya

I can’t see any unpaid invoices in the account where you are a billing member.

But as you might already be aware, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently implemented new restrictions on how payments from customers located in India can be processed. Unfortunately, these restrictions are causing difficulties for our customers in India.

We are currently working with our platform providers to make the necessary implementations to accommodate the new restrictions for our customers based in India. We do not have an ETA for when our systems will be updated to accommodate these new regulations set by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). We are of course working on getting the issue fixed as quickly as possible.

If you have set up the account using a credit card, the recurring monthly payment will fail due to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) restriction and you will receive a failed payment notification. Please go to your dashboard and make the payment manually. Please note, this is happening with credit cards and for recurring payments only. If you are still not able to make a payment, kindly let us know so we can investigate.

In case you are not able to use a credit card, we advice to add a PayPal as a payment method.

same issue with indian cards for me please contact me and send me a link through which I can pay using my indian cards