Cannot order SSL certificate for subdomain in customer account


I’m very upset. I wanted to order an SSL certificate for my subdomain and in the ordering process it was stated that it is not possible. I don’t find email support from Cloudflare. It was said that I should contact the technical support and you will always be forwarded to this community.

Cloudflare just withdraws money from my account, but I didn’t order anything. This subdomain is already listed by A-Record at Cloudflare and is in the DNS settings.

Who can help me? The subdomain is currently unreachable. In Edge, you can see that.

I followed a Cloudflare guide on how to add a subdomain to the account, think I’m not making a mistake.
Thank you! You have to be careful that you get blocked here because of a question.

Update: In Firefox everything is fine. I can see that the order was placed correctly and in Firefox the JS Challenge is displayed. So I did everything right. Sorry, was a bit impatient and now I have to find out why Edge doesn’t display the website.

Hi @alexanderliebrecht,

The site loads OK with HTTPS for me. If you don’t see that, I would suspect a cached value on your end.

The certificate I see is the free Universal SSL.

Are we talking about a dedicated certificate here?

Can you post a screenshot of the error you see?

What shows up under Billing > Subscriptions in your dashboard?

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