Cannot Order Certificate

I would like to add a certificate for the root of my domain. I see

Selecting Order Advanced Certificate brings me to the select your plan screen
which does not allow me to select universal or advanced. It only has a item in red saying please contact customer service manager to purchase and ACM.
On some of my sites this has been easy to at least add the Universal Cert.
Am I missing a setting. The sites are on the Enterprise plan.

Do you mean add one more Universal SSL cert even though you already have one Universal SSL cert? So far I’ve only seen this with CNAME setup zones - when you proxy a subdomain, then a new Universal SSL cert will be issued just for that subdomain (not wildcard).

For full setup zones, if you need more SSL cert, you must purchase the ACM. And then you also mentioned you are on Enterprise plan - which means you need to contact your Customer Success Manager to activate it for you.

Ideally I would like to just add the wildcard cert that it claims, ot a extra universal would also be enough. Something like

Do I need to delete my certs to do this? I would rather not have to take my site down just to add an extra cert name

Are you using CNAME setup? Because it looks like this cert only covers but not wildcard.

If you need to cover another subdomain, just enable the proxy for that subdomain and Cloudflare will automatically issue another Universal SSL cert for that subdomain.