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Hello All,

Not an expert at the DNS subject at all. Just trying to use cloud flare as my DNS servers for all home network devices for increased performance and DNS query responsiveness. Also using a PiHole on the home network for AdBlocking with upstream servers mentioned as cloudflare.

Almost all web browsing works fine, except CloudFlare’s (supposedly) own web pages, which given the famous connection not private error. Have tried clearing cache and and in different browsers and different machines, however the response remains the same.

The behaviour is the same for which cannot be opened at all

Is there something wrong with my network configuration.


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can you hit the padlock and then “view certificate”, and post that screenshot here?

The certificate information shows as below

I did try enabling Untangle NGFW SSL Inspector for some time and hence imported this certificate in the machine.

Can it be the root cause.

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:wave: @syed.faisal,

Almost certainly. You should contact them on howto remove their software completely from your machine.

— OG


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