Cannot open domain with vercel app

I’ve created domain with cloudflare, then I already add my deployed vercel app record (A and CNAME) to cloudflare after register domain, but I got 403 error when try to access it.

I try to wait some hours (because I thought it takes time deploy it globally) also already check WAF in cloudflare but didn’t see suspicious. So I am not sure why it can show in

I don’t see 403s on either of those urls.

Do you have a screenshot of the page shown?

oh noo, I can’t put image in reply

here is the error from cloudflare community: “An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.”, so I put the image link instead

So I think there’s 2 condition, here is when I access
and this is when try to access

and this is my cloudflare config
Google Photos
and my vercel config
Google Photos
Google Photos

also I already to use incognito so it won’t use cookies, but seems the error remains still. :slightly_frowning_face:

The first image does not look like a Cloudflare error page (even though it says cloudflare the styling is off), unless that’s custom.

The second is “Too many redirects”, for that you can check here


thanks it finally resolved, I need to update SSL/TLS from flexible to FULL or higher

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