Cannot move domain from wix. "NS records are not editable."

I’m switching from wix to CloudFlare and can update the CNAME but the NameServer indicates “NS records are not editable.”. Do I have to do anything to resolve this?

I’m trying to move my domain from Wix to CloudFlare but Wix does not allow me me to change the name server to CloudFlare’s domain name server. Wix says “NS records are not editable.” and does not allow me to change the two name servers from “” to “

Wix did send me a domain transfer authorization code but I don’t know how or where to apply the code without first changing the name server.

Please advise. Thank you.

First off, this means you’re changing web hosts and no longer using Wix? If so, read on…

Wix really doesn’t make this easy. There are some excellent registrars that can make this work. I like Gandi. Good prices, good service. If you transfer it there, Gandi will let you set the name servers to Cloudflare and then you can finally get things going here. Gandi also has DNS, so you can put your new host’s DNS records in there until you get DNS switched over to Cloudflare’s name servers.

I greatly appreciate your quick response. Thank you.

I’m curious to know, if I can transfer it to Gandi, then why can I not transfer it to CloudFlare’s Registrar?

This is all Greek to me. I’m trying to learn as I go.

It sounds like I have to use Gandi as my Resistrar which will allow me to go through cloudflare and ultimately my host? This is not very clear to me.

Cloudflare requires nameservers to be pointed here before a domain can be transferred. This is odd and relatively unique in the industry.

You could transfer the domain elsewhere and then in 60 days, bring it over to Cloudflare. Transferring a domain transfers all paid time, and adds a year, so you aren’t losing anything but a bit of your own time in this process.

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Thank you for this advice. My concern about transferring the domain elsewhere is that I’m building a site on Kajabi which requires setting up my domain on Cloudflare or make a subdomain for my Kajabi site and keep my custom domain for my “main website” outside of Kajabi.

I simply want to set up my domain on Cloudflare and not have a “main site” outside of Kajabi.

I’m not certain what the best course of action is to take. I wanted to launch my site this week.

You’ve gotta get that domain registered somewhere. You have an auth code. Transfers can take five days, but if you’re really on top of things, and Wix cooperates, you can transfer within two days.

  1. Transfer it to Gandi. As soon as the transfer goes through, Gandi will already have DNS.
  2. Then add the site to Cloudflare so you can add the Cloudflare name servers to Gandi.

I’ll give it a go. Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it.

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Hi Sdayman, I was hesitant at first to follow your direction, but I’m glad I did. First, Gandi is such an approachable and easy to use service. Second, my website is finally up and running. Thank you for taking time to help me with my issue, I genuinely appreciate it.

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