Cannot migrate NS to Cloudflare

i have two domains (italian .it) that i wasnt’ able to migrate NS over Cloudflare for two consecutive times.
Both time i have created the website on CF, added all the DNS records i need, changed the NS on the registrar, but as soon as the new NS starts spreading, the domain completely go blackout and no DNS record were answering. I then needed to restore the NS to the old registrar system to rollback and restore the DNS zone.
I have migrated to CF a lot of other domains, and never had a problem.
The only difference is that this problematic domains have a lot of records (100+).
What i am missing?

I forgot to mention that the domains are “” and “”.
We have succesfully migrated “” without any problem at all.

We’ve already checked DNSSEC and it’s not enabled on the old provider, so it should not be a concern.
I’ve migrated other domains “.it” from the same registrar, without any problem at all.

We can’t really understand why CF does not start to answer to DNS requests, even if on the CF dashboard i see some “requests statistics” in the dashboard for the period when the domain NS has started updating with CF ones.

Any hints will be appreciated!

That domain still needs to have its nameservers changed at your domain registrar to the pair assigned in your Cloudflare DNS app.


Yeah, i know that now the NS is not pointing to CF ones.
The problem is that we have already tried to switch to the CF NSs a couple of times, but as soon as the new NS start spreading, the entire DNS zone goes into a total blackout, no entry answered at all (only the NS ones seems to answer).
and this even when the domain is reported on CF dashboard as “active” (so the NS updated is confirmed correctly).
On CF dashboard we have obviously setup all the DNS records needed (over 100), but after the NS switch, any DNS server will simply report that any record is “not existent”.

Are you sure that the nameservers you used are the correct ones? They are not necessarily the same as for your other domains.


Triple checked the NSs, they were absolutely correct (elinore and matt).
Also on the dashboard, after a while, the website has gone “active” from “pending NS”, so CF has confirmed that the registrar was advertising the correct NSs for the domain.

It is a best practice to ensure that you have all the necessary records in your zone prior to changing the nameservers at your registrar. Troubleshooting is faster when you simply pause Cloudflare rather than change nameservers at the registrar.

We have manually added over 100+ DNS records in the CF zone, and no one was answering after the NS change, the entire zone was in blackout, the only records working were the NS ones.
All the records we have set up don’t have the proxy feature enabled, as the best practices of CF during the transfer phase, to reduce conflicts.

In addition, it is normal that the domain “” is still reported as “active” on our CF dashboard even if the NS is not pointing CF anymore from more than 48 hours?

Thank you all for the hints, many eyes are better than two…

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