Cannot manually add "localhost" to the DNS A record

I removed my domain from cloudflare then wanted to start over to transfer all the DNS records from Bluehost. My DNS records did not auto populate so I added them all manually.

I cannot resolve adding my localhost to the A record as it cannot be proxied.

Originally the Proxy status was DNS only- local IP.

How do I add this record?

If the domain is localhost or then CF can’t proxy it since, from Cloudflare’s servers, localhost is actually Cloudflare itself - not wherever localhost is for you. You’ll need to set the A records to the public IP address of your server, which you can probably get from Bluehost (or wherever your server is hosted).

I’ve used this before, though it’s usually unnecessary, as most systems resolve it automatically without the domain name.

If the domain is localhost or 127.0.0
yes it is. ok I will go to bluehost an do that. Thanks!

Your screenshot is exactly what was originally in my cloudflare DNS however that is no longer there.

Do you still need it?

yes I do. Also I checked my A records in CF and my Bluehost public domain address is in there already.
Apparently I do need this local host record in the CF A records.
The local host record is in my Bluehost A records.

If you add it, it should stay. If it disappears, it’s either because someone logged into your account and deleted it, or you gave a third party (such as Ezoic) your API key and they’re modifying your DNS records.

The Audit Log at the top of should show you your account activity.

What happened is I deleted the entire domain from CF and then wanted to repopulate all my records.
I changed my IP address in Bluehost from shared to “dedicated” this changed the Bluehost IP.
I made the misstake of deleting my domain in cloudflare thinking I could “pull over” all the records again ( I watched someone do this in a training and it worked), starting from scratch but that did not happen for me. I may have avoided this by just editing the IPs in CF to match the new IP in Bluehost, that’s hindsight now. So it seems I am in a bind.

Interesting word choice:

I appreciate this.
Yes, I tried this route. I went to Bluehost to get the BIND file to export from BH and import to CF.
They told me they do not do this and I need to do a manual add of each record A, CNAME, TXT, SRV, MX. Which I have completed in CF. Just missing the localhost I was watching someone running through DNS propagation on CF and they said you do not want to mess with that record.
Unfortunately, now I cannot get it in my CF A record

Why would you need to add localhost to your Cloudflare record? If a computer’s network configuration is not damaged, the name localhost is resolved on each computer to the loopback IP address without the use of public DNS.

If you are actually trying to point a DNS record to a specific computer, localhost and is not the way to go. You can get the public IP address of your BlueHost server from the BlueHost control panel. That’s the one to use. You can also get it from the command line of your server with this command:


Or you can use:

ip addr

…but that command will give you more info than just your interface’s IP address and might not actually report your public IP address. It might be a local IP address on BlueHost’s network (I don’t know how they configure their network).

Thanks. I did not know if I needed it or not. I just observed on all the domains I have in CF that local host record shows up.

If it is non-essential then I will not pursue it.

Appreciate the support!

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