Cannot make secure connection to my mailserver


I connected my website with Cloudflare for a while ago. Now I get a error when adding my mailaccount to the outlook app (android) that the app cannot make a secure connection to my mailserver.

I contacted my hostingprovider and they checked my settings and said that everything was good. I’m using a Let’s Encrypt certificate and every test I do online tot test the mailserver giving no errors. Is it possible that this error has something to do with the settings in Cloudflare, and if yes, where do I have to look?

You didn’t post your domain name, but any hostnames that need mail connections need to be set to :grey: (DNS Only).

The domain is :

Mails are delivered but i cannot add the mailaccount to the outlook app on my phone anymore. Is this just a bad pogrammed app, or has it something to do with my Cloudflare settings?

You’re using a third party as an email host. I suggest you contact them for assistance.

I allready did. They told me the settings on my hosting where fine.

There is absolutely nothing we can do here. Your email depends on DNS records, and we don’t know what those should be. The mail host should be able to check your DNS records to see if they are correct, and instruct you on proper settings for your mail client.

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