Cannot lookup dns record after adding

Hi Admin,
I faced a problem about add Cloudflare dns record.
After I added a new record of my zone, I cannot resolve the new dns record on both my dns server and server.
Could you help me above issue? I have some miss progress?
My DNS record:

The connect subdomain is not resolving. Can you post a picture of your DNS screen here? It’s ok to black out IP addresses. While you’re on that screen, please confirm that the two Cloudflare name servers assigned are Donald and Elinore.

Hi sdayman,
Our other records still fine, only this record is not resolving.
I create a record by using cloudflare API.

Try adding it as just (without your domain name on the end).

(and I’d still like to see a screenshot of the DNS page, just in case)

p.s. You didn’t mention if those were the correct name servers.

Hi sdayman,
I tried add again but still not work fine.

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