Cannot login to Wordpress dashboard after installing Cloudflare SSL

After got my Cloudflare SSL activated, I couldn’t login to my Wordpress admin dashboard.
It appears nothing happened after I got my username and password entered.

Please advise as what should I do.

Thank you.

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare and did your site work on HTTPS before Cloudflare too?

Encryption mode? I guess it’s “full”?
I joined the free plan.
Yes, my site worked on HTTPS before I moved to a new hosting which doesn’t come with free SSL certificate.

It should be “Full Strict”.

Are you saying your new hosting does not have a certificate?

Got error 526 after switched to “full strict”!

Yes, my new hosting doesn’t have the free SSL certificate and that’s why I need Cloudflare.

That won’t fly. You need a valid certificate on your server. The linked article has all the details on that.

But Cloudflare got my site working fine. Just cannot login to the backend.
I actually asked my new hosting customer service prior to joining Cloudflare.
They said Cloudflare would work well on their server.

If you don’t have a proper SSL setup you obviously can’t have encryption.

You really need to fix the mentioned points first and the article has all the details on that.

Hmm…after switched to full strict rule again, the page got back to Error 526.

Because - as I mentioned a few times already - you don’t have a certificate on your server.

Yes, I got your point but as I said early, Cloudflare got my site up and running well just no access to the backend.
And my hosting rep. ensured me that I can use Cloudflare to have SSL enabled.
Maybe I’ll talk to their rep. again tomorrow about the issue.

Your host appears to have suggested to configure your site in an insecure fashion. Considering that you had a proper setup before I’d strongly suggest to switch back to your original host. No offence, but they seem to know more what they are doing.

Yes, and I can switch to their shared plan with SSL certificate for my last resort.
Anyway, thank you so much for your help though. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

By the way, in your opinion, do you think installing cloudflare plugin on wordpress would be a good idea? Or having the configuration set on the main site is enough?

If there are any issues with that certificate you can also get a Cloudflare Origin certificate or any Let’s Encrypt certificate.

As for the Cloudflare plugin, that’s mostly a convenience method to manage Cloudflare features directly from your Wordpress panel. It is by no means necessary.

Alright, thank you. :slight_smile:

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