Cannot login to Cloudflare Dashboard - no emails received


I can’t seem to login to Cloudflare Dashboard anymore.

Entering my username & password prompts for a 2FA code because of unrecognized IP. I don’t have any 2FA configured and there’s no email with any verification code.

I also tried all the login recovery options (this includes account recovery, forgot password & forgot email), but there’s NO EMAIL coming to my email address.

Yes, I have checked the spam folder.
Yes, my email is working, I have just verified this using other services and manual emails. All Cloudflare emails worked fine for this email address.

Is there perhaps something wrong with Cloudflare’s emailing?

Thank you

Hey @cloonan, sorry for the ping.

Mind checking the Email Suppression List for this user when you get the chance?


Thank you @mcfadyeni! Hi @felix6 is this for the account you are using here? I do not see any indication of emails being sent, nor of them being blocked, nor is 2fa enabled. Can you try to login from incognito mode and/or a mobile device?

The emails will be from a no-reply address, [email protected], searching for that may help locate them. You may want to create a filter to allow all emails from [email protected] if they are being routed to spam.

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Yes it is for this account. I have just now tried from a mobile device and from the same desktop browser again (but from a different city / IP address) and it seems that I am now receiving all emails.

Not sure what the problem was, but it was pretty concerning given that this is for our business account and we are currently investigating migrating some of our data / workflows to Cloudflare. Being locked out of our account is unacceptable.

Any idea what the problem was? It seems to just magically start working again when I tried it at a different time / location.

I am not but have made a note investigate to see if we have similar reports of this message appearing as you should not see a 2FA notice if 2FA is not enabled.

If it’s of any help, here is the exact message that I get:

You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address. Please enter the Authentication Token that was sent to the email associated with this account.

The authentication token is indeed sent correctly to the email now (just tried from a different network on a mobile device).

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