Cannot login after EMail change

Hi, After creating the initial setup and moving our DNS to Cloudflare, I wanted to change the email address so our IT guys could take over and recheck the security option.

But now, I cannot login with either email.

  • Never received a confirmation email
  • Maybe a entered the wrong address?

Can anyone help me recover the account?

  • I’m using another account this post this.


Hi @user8773, sorry for the difficulty. I suspect you do best to simply email support AT cloudflare DOT com from both accounts. I’d reference this post and let the engineer know you’re not sure which email is on record for the account. One of your emails should receive an auto-reply saying you’re not recognized and the other :crossed_fingers: should be an auto reply with suggestions on how to recover access. Please share the ticket numbers here as I’ll add some notes to them. Sorry for the trouble. In the meantime, I’ll look into account details that I can see.

Edit - I see the ticket 1745235 and thank you for responding to the auto reply. I’d still proceed as suggested above with emails from those accounts. Can you share the name of a domain that is associated with the account you are trying to recover? You can share that into the ticket if you like, I am copied on the reply.

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