Cannot log into my account

I’ve had Cloudfare deactivated on my staging site but it’s still active on my live site. I was about to push the staging site live but that will deactivate my Cloudfare (app in Wordpress) once I do because I don’t have the API key stored nor can I wait several weeks for an “authenticator code” as suggested by the pop-up message I received when I went to log in.

What the ■■■■ is this? Why am I locked out??? See attachment

You may use a backup code to get back in - you should have printed these out when you turned on 2fa.

See if you set up Authy on your phone or see the Authy recovery process If you use Authy, you can recover the code without needing to contact CF support.

If you used Google Authenticator but no longer have it on your phone, you need to contact CF support to get 2fa removed:

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I never set that up authenticator but they sent me a code to login. Thanks.

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