Cannot log in to Doordash with WARP enabled in iPhone apps or Chrome on MacOS

iPhone 12/iOS 15.1.1
Doordash app, Caviar app, warp enabled
with google → “406 Not Acceptable / nginx”

Switch to DoH or disable → able to sign in

MacBook Pro / macOS 11.6
Same results

This occurs both with the consumer warp as well as a paid teams account

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In Chrome, I’m redirected to the following URL when I try to sign in with google to doordash:

In the iOS apps, I only get the 406 but don’t have access to the URL

I’m in the US and this is not a new issue - it has been occurring for months.

I expect to be able to log in, and in fact I am able to as soon as I switch to DoH. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why it’d have a 406, but you might try WARP Settings → Advanced → Connection Options → Excluded Routes and Exclude the Doordash hostname(s).

I am not sure think asking every single user who wants to use DoorDash or Caviar to exclude is the best solution to this problem :innocent:

Sorry, that’s all I can suggest.

Thank you for helping! Could you try reproducing this yourself? Though I’ve tried on two devices with different OS, with cellular and multiple WiFi, && teams, it would help to know if other people are also facing this issue.

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