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Good Day, I recently added 3 more sites to my account. They are <>, <> and <>. I changed the name servers with Namecheap as I did the other 5 sites I added recently, I also added the “advanced DNS” to the 3 sites same as I did with the other 5 sites.

However, now I can’t access the 3 sites.

Safari says “can’t find server”. I’ve talked to Namecheap who say nothing wrong their end. I’ve talked to provide Hostgator who says nothing wrong their end. Hostgator said to ensure the sites are directed to my IP : which I guess they should be. I didn’t have any trouble with the other 5 sites and I did the same thing with these 3 sites.

Any suggestions as to what can be done?

It looks like those have no “A” records in your DNS page. Make sure you have that IP address put into “A” records for each domain, plus a ‘www’ entry as well.

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hey, OK I was able to add “A” records (basically copied the entries from my other sites as examples) except for “localhost” which all my other sites use However, when I try to ad this one I get a “DNS Validation Error code 1004”

I also am not able to add TXT - default._domainkey because I don’t know where to get or generate the DKIM content.

Help here

There isn’t much use for localhost, but if you get that error, make sure it’s set to :grey: instead of :orange:

The DKIM key might be on your old name server or your old host. Your mail host should be able to assist with this.

I’m curious, why would the first 5 sites have all these DNS addresses automatically loaded. I did no manual adding of DNS. Yet the last 3 site added all had no DNS listed.
Any ideas on this ?

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