Cannot load monthly workers bandwidth analytics for one specific site


This may or may not be related to my previous outage, but I cannot load my monthly workers bandwidth analytics for specifically. It says: “Error loading data. Please try again.” (If the aforementioned outage corrupted my analytics data, waiting until a month has passed might clear the issue, but I’m not sure.)

I can successfully load all other types of workers analytics for, including daily and weekly bandwidth analytics, as well as all workers analytics for my other sites.

So, could anyone at Cloudflare please check what is up with my analytics?

I am on a free plan, so please feel free to help escalate this. Thanks!

It has been 30 days and the issue persists.

Hey there!

Sorry to hear about the issue with Workers analytics.

Unfortunately, I do not see that domain under the account you used to post here.

You can usually get a better idea of the underlying issue by opening your browser’s Dev Tools to look for any error responses under the Network tab.

If you need further help with this, please have the admin on that account open a ticket under the “Account” category, then post the Ticket # here, and we’ll be glad to take a look. Also, please include a link to your Community post in the ticket.

I am afraid this 100% doesn’t make sense, as I have always had 100% control of on Cloudflare since it was registered nearly a decade ago, and I have successfully engaged about it with Cloudflare staff on the community forum on two occasions, the first of which even had an associated ticket on my account. And the Cloudflare account which controls it is indeed the one I am using to login on this forum. This is the only Cloudflare account I own and use.

So, could you please double-check? If Cloudflare is presenting you incorrect information, perhaps I should create another community forum post so we can get to the bottom of this?

Good idea, I was about to do that, but it turns out the issue magically resolved itself today! :tada:

(As I said, I am on the Free plan, therefore I cannot create tickets for this, but now it’s resolved anyway…)



You can for Account, Billing and Registrar categories:

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Oh! Sorry, I had totally missed that distinction.

I wouldn’t have thought this sort of thing also fell under the “Account” category.

In any case, the issue already resolved itself, per the above. Thanks!

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