Cannot load domain

For some reason, one of my domains was deleted completely from the Cloudflare dashboard this morning.

My audit log shows that my account initiated a zone deletion for the domain; however, there is no logon entry logged prior to that. I was not logged in at the time, and I did not request the deletion, yet the log says my account did it.

I don’t understand what happened and there’s no way to contact Cloudflare directly. I’m concerned that either my account has been compromised or something happened on the back end that was out of my control. I don’t know how to fix this and need some help.


I click on Domain Registrations → Manage Domains → → Manage

It takes me back to the list of domains. I can’t make any changes to the domain.

I’m trying to transfer it away from Cloudflare because the site is completely broken in Cloudflare. DNS isn’t working, the nameservers aren’t responding for the domain, and something is seriously wrong. I am unable to get support directly from Cloudflare and I don’t know what do to. I need some help.

Can you check the 2 nameservers that are given at the bottom of your DNS page here…

If they are and then raise a Cloudflare Registrar ticket here and ask for the nameservers on your domain to be corrected…
(It may be you deleted and re-added the domain which will have changed the nameservers)

If the nameservers are and, post back.

The nameservers are currently set to brynne and yahir.

I cannot raise a “Cloudflare Registrar” ticket because I am not a $2,400/year “Business” customer. Only business customers can create tickets. Everyone else has to post here for support.

There seems to be no way to correct the name server error on my own.

This is not true. Any customer on any plan level can create tickets for Account, Billing or Registrar issues. Please ensure you select the right category. If a bot auto responds and your issue falls in one of those categories, reply as such to send the ticket to the human operated queues.

Furthermore,once you have a ticket number you can share it here so it can be tracked by staff and escalated as and when needed.


The domain is using cloudflare registrar and you deleted it sometime today around the same time you opened ticket 3239154.

As @Erisa mentioned, we’ll escalate that for the attention of our colleagues in Support. I suspect they’ll need to have you add the domain back to your dash (I don’t think you’ll need to add the DNS records you removed, but they’ll guide you) in order to transfer it, but again, the team on your ticket 3239154 can guide you.


I actually did not delete it. That’s part of the issue - the audit log shows that it was deleted by my account, but I was not logged in at the time. There is also no login event prior to the deletion.

I did have to manually add it back.

I’ll let the team know that on the escalation.

Thank you. The deletion has me quite concerned.

This is really something Cloudflare should fix.

  1. Simply don’t allow the deletion of Cloudflare Registrar sites. As nameservers cannot be changed, there’s no useful benefit to deleting the zone (NB: this is different from deleting the domain from the registry before expiration, which was recently implemented and a misplaced priority IMHO)
  2. Most people who delete their domains simply want to start over. So instead of deleting completely, just reset the zone.
  3. Alternatively, allow the deleting, but assign the same nameserver pair when the zone is recreated. Currently, it’s like the left side doesn’t know what the right side has assigned.

Imagine the number of support tickets (and user frustration!) that would be avoided!

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I see this issue has been discussed in threat Cannot load domain - #6 by cloonan. Are you still needing assistance with this post?

Yes. I still need to know how my domain got deleted. The audit log shows it was my account, but I was not logged in at the time. I need an explanation.

Hi @jim.andrew.clark I’ll merge a couple of the posts together talking about that removal as I’d flagged that on the ticket escalation the other day and looked into it a bit. I’ll dig deeper now.

Note that login / logout events are not captured in the audit log.

I did notice the removal was done from an IP different than what you are using here. I’ll start there and with @eportillo will dig a bit deeper.

Hi @jim.andrew.clark I dropped you a private message and cc’d @eportillo

I contacted Dreamhost and they confirmed that it was mistakenly deleted by them. Thanks for your help.


Thank you for the confirmation. Please let us know if anything else comes up, we’re always happy to help.

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