Cannot install new Edge certificate

Having some problems uploading an Edge Certificate to renew an expiring certificate.

We are getting error 2200. Does anyone know what that means?

Asking here for help since the certificate is expiring in less than a week and support is abysmal. There is no trailing whitespace, which is the only thing support has asked me. In a week.

Thanks appreciate any help/tips.

Where are you getting this error? I haven’t seen this error with Cloudflare before.

Hi, thanks for replying.

Error shows up in red at bottom after clicking Upload Custom Certificate button on this screen:

Error text:

The certificate and private key pair you uploaded is invalid. Please check your input and try again. (Code: 2200)

  1. If that is the full key, you are going to need to reset your certificate

  2. You are posting the same thing for both your certificate and private key, while including the Paste key as shown on the line below.

  3. What certificate is expiring? Is it your universal SSL cert?

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