Cannot install my domain in cloudflare

cannot install my domain in Cloudflare please help

What error do you get is it 1049 is not a registered domain ?

Then try this

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What do you want to install?

I see your website has appeared.

Is your problem solved?

But how do you know it is registere with Cloudflare

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It isn’t!

No, when I attempt to add it, it adds just fine!

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Ah… my bad
I forgot to see the nameservers.
Yeah, the site is not in Cloudflare.

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Already @AppleSlayer confirmed

Website is in Cloudflare :x:

Any errors present :x:

Website working fine :white_check_mark:
No error occur while adding :white_check_mark:


Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 21-37-00 Cloudflare hPanel

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help me

hosting give me direct instalation my domain like screenshot is my problem

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Your domain is not pointing to Cloudflare

Your NS points to : ns1 .dns-parking. com , ns2. dns-parking. com

Did you use Cloudflare before?

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no mam for
ill try to register it is ok,
i deleted bcoz i install for setup Cloudflare from hosting they given to me

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Hi @sirdarwin05 ,

Thanks for reverting back

You can Connect Cloudflare from Hostinger

More information about it here

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