Cannot install warp beta on windows

I cannot install warp beta on my windows PC because it returns with a message saying “Wizard ended prematurely because of an error” or something like that. I was really anticipating this release, help would be greatly appreciated.


I also experiene this issue, how can we install in windows 10?

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same problem bro idk why , im using win 8.1 , imma try it on win 7 and see !

Our app unforetunitly won’t work on Windows 7 due to missing API support.

Regarding Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 failures, can you confirm you are running the 64bit version of the operating system? Settings->System->About should be able to confirm it for you.


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Yes, I am running Windows 10 64bit version. I have tried to install the app several times, but it really does not work.

Exactly the same issue on win 8.1 64bit edition. Am sharing the screenshot of my syetem & the installation error

I am also unable to install it now. I had a previous version working fine and then it wanted to update. I noticed the tray icon was missing after the update so I downloaded it again and try to install. But getting an error about the installer package now.


Could it be because of a “beta” which also could be an unstable? :thinking:

Are you an “administrator” user?

Have you installed the “just in case” necessary tools like Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 and .NET Framework:

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Yes, running as an admin. Got dotnet and literally all the vc runtime distros installed. I’m a coder myself.

Not too worried right now and simply commented so that Cloudflare knows there are more people struggling with this release. I’ll wait for the next update and see if that fixed something.

What version of Windows are you using?

Windows 10 Pro 20H2 (19042.904)

Just tried it on my other computer, same version of Windows (64 bit of course) and installation failed there too. That computer did not have Warp on it before (like my main computer had).

I notice it is leaving behind these files in the C:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP folder.


Trying to delete the folder show that TBDD08E.tmp is in use and I can see the process active in Task Manager. This is after the installer failed and I clicked Ok and Finish to close it.

Also tried with Firewall and Windows Defender disabled just to be sure it was not those.

Same issue here. Can’t install the latest version (as of March 8, 2021). My solution is to rollback my windows to an earlier time and skip this version.

Could it be my anti-virus program (ESET) interrupt the installation? I haven’t tried it yet.

Can someone confirm this? Thanks!

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Same here, same error n leaves both files even after failed installation.

Exact same here - had it up and running (up until about a week ago). Then noticed it had magically uninstalled. Downloaded and attempted to install again - same errors as you’re getting.

Windows 10 (fully up to date), 64-bit. Tried installing with all virus protection and firewalls off.

May I ask, why forcing BETA of a stable version is there? Or is there any reason like we are a testers or developers or enthusiasts? :slight_smile:

Can’t we install the “stable” one?

Same here. Had observed some time ago that I could install Warp, but not the directly offered update. Now I wanted to install Warp on another computer. This is no longer possible at all.

I just encountered this error on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit, fully up to date). I managed to fix it by running Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64.msi using the compatibility troubleshooter.

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Hi guys, I think I got the solution here, which at least works until the next version comes up. Start the installation and wait until the point that the setup stocks on. Now open the task manager and end the “windows installer” task, so the installation suddenly stops but without deleting the installed files. Now, just go to C:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP (where Cloudflare is located), start the .exe file and have fun! :wink:


@mahdi81es It really works. Thanks a lot.

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My firewall was indeed blocking a Microsoft domain which was causing this error.
Whitelisted and now installation goes smoothly.

Thanks a lot.