Cannot Import DNS Zone File from DynDNS to Cloudflare

I am having troubles importing my zone file from DynDNS into Cloudflare. I have exported the zone file directly from Dyn and used the Import feature under Advanced in the DNS management part of my site. I receive the following error when trying to upload it:

The following error occurred while parsing the API response: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

I have also tried to import the zonefile using the API and receive the following response:

Warning: skip unknown form field: proxied=false
  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 1000,
      "message": "There was an unknown error."
  "messages": []

I was hoping that since the docs refer to the DynDNS zone file formatting specifications that this would be importable. My zone file also has about 850 records which is under the 1000 allowed for a free site.

The one difference I noticed in how the bind files are setup is that DynDNS leaves out the record class, IN for every record while an export of a Cloudflare zone file includes the IN. Hoping for any help to get this zone file imported. There’s no way I’m going to be able to manually create all of these records.

I figured I’d try to remove the proxied=false flag in the API request and I got a new error: Gateway timeout. Tried multiple times now and I keep getting the timeout error.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!--[if lt IE 7]> <html class="no-js ie6 oldie" lang="en-US"> <![endif]-->
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<!--[if gt IE 8]><!--> <html class="no-js" lang="en-US"> <!--<![endif]-->

<title> | 504: Gateway time-out</title>
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge,chrome=1" />
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<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1" />
<link rel="stylesheet" id="cf_styles-css" href="/cdn-cgi/styles/cf.errors.css" type="text/css" media="screen,projection" />
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<style type="text/css">body{margin:0;padding:0}</style>

<div id="cf-wrapper">

    <div id="cf-error-details" class="cf-error-details-wrapper">
        <div class="cf-wrapper cf-error-overview">

              <span class="cf-error-type">Error</span>
              <span class="cf-error-code">504</span>
              <small class="heading-ray-id">Ray ID: xxxx &bull; 2019-08-12 19:20:29 UTC</small>
            <h2 class="cf-subheadline">Gateway time-out</h2>
        </div><!-- /.error-overview -->

        <div class="cf-section cf-highlight cf-status-display">
            <div class="cf-wrapper">
                <div class="cf-columns cols-3">

<div id="cf-browser-status" class="cf-column cf-status-item cf-browser-status ">
  <div class="cf-icon-error-container">
    <i class="cf-icon cf-icon-browser"></i>
    <i class="cf-icon-status cf-icon-ok"></i>
  <span class="cf-status-desc">You</span>
  <h3 class="cf-status-name">Browser</h3>
  <span class="cf-status-label">Working</span>

<div id="cf-Cloudflare-status" class="cf-column cf-status-item cf-Cloudflare-status ">
  <div class="cf-icon-error-container">
    <i class="cf-icon cf-icon-cloud"></i>
    <i class="cf-icon-status cf-icon-ok"></i>
  <span class="cf-status-desc">locationremoved</span>
  <h3 class="cf-status-name">Cloudflare</h3>
  <span class="cf-status-label">Working</span>

<div id="cf-host-status" class="cf-column cf-status-item cf-host-status cf-error-source">
  <div class="cf-icon-error-container">
    <i class="cf-icon cf-icon-server"></i>
    <i class="cf-icon-status cf-icon-error"></i>
  <span class="cf-status-desc"></span>
  <h3 class="cf-status-name">Host</h3>
  <span class="cf-status-label">Error</span>


        </div><!-- /.status-display -->

        <div class="cf-section cf-wrapper">
            <div class="cf-columns two">
                <div class="cf-column">
                    <h2>What happened?</h2>
                    <p>The web server reported a gateway time-out error.</p>

                <div class="cf-column">
                    <h2>What can I do?</h2>
                    <p>Please try again in a few minutes.</p>

        </div><!-- /.section -->

        <div class="cf-error-footer cf-wrapper">
    <span class="cf-footer-item">Cloudflare Ray ID: <strong>xxx</strong></span>
    <span class="cf-footer-separator">&bull;</span>
    <span class="cf-footer-item"><span>Your IP</span>: xxxx</span>
    <span class="cf-footer-separator">&bull;</span>
    <span class="cf-footer-item"><span>Performance &amp; security by</span> <a href="" id="brand_link" target="_blank">Cloudflare</a></span>

</div><!-- /.error-footer -->

    </div><!-- /#cf-error-details -->
</div><!-- /#cf-wrapper -->

While you’re under the record limit, I’ve seen workarounds for the error by breaking up the file into smaller chunks, I’ve seen reports of chunks of 150 - 200 records.

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This is the problem. I tried to import about 150 records and it worked. Thank you for this!

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