Cannot import .csv File in Bulk Redirections


I have 500 links in CSV file.

I am getting a message

Your items are now being added and will appear shortly.

After waiting for 5 minutes, there is no progress.

What I can do?


When I import 200 links then it works but not when I try 400 or 500 links. Please define the limit if any.

invalid value for redirect at position 123: matching url cannot have a query string (Code: 10053)

While I found the URL with query string at 124. So, the above error message is confusing. Maybe it is counting from 0.

Update: When I add a single link manually, it also takes a lot of time without any explanation. This should be checked.

Apparently Cloudflare allows a certain number of redirects according to what plan you are under. With the free plan you can only perform a limited number of redirects. I think there is a way to perform them with the use of KV workers and rules.

I was unaware of this. I believe the dashboard should provide explanations for issues rather than keeping users waiting for hours. The focus should be on effective communication and providing solutions instead of frustrating users.

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