Cannot get to website unless I turn off the Proxy

We are publishing a part of our ERP system to the Web. It is highly restricted to known addresses. I usually use to see when the site’s DNS has been propagated. Whether the Proxy is on or not, DNSChecker cannot see the address. I, then, went to my fallback–mxtoolbox. That worked fine. With the proxy on, I get Yet, my test device cannot get to the site. I turned off the Proxy and mxtoolbox returns the correct address and my test device can get to the site.

Does CloudFlare IPs [] need to be apart of the allowed addresses to access the website with the CloudFlare Proxy turned on?


Absolutely. For example, I have a firewall on my server. I only allow Cloudflare IP addresses so nobody bypasses Cloudflare to get to my site.

I suggest you whitelist the Cloudflare IP addresses (Possibly both IPv4 and IPv6), and then you can use Cloudflare’s Firewall Rules to block any visitor not coming from your IP addresses.

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