Cannot get started with Cloudflare SSL

I have tried to find some sort of tutorial to help me get started but failed completely !
I have my own domain managed by 123-reg. My website is hosted with Infinityfree. I need an SSL certificate and have been recommended to use Cloudflare’s free SSL and then obtain a self-certificate from Infinityfree for this purpose. I have not been able to do any of those things, and therefore my website is insecure.
I have tried to “Add a site”, the location where my website is actually located, namely Infinityfree. But the “Add Site” rejects my entry because it will not recognise the sub-domain which Infinityfree has allocated to my website ! I am obviously doing something wrong.
The website I am trying to add is “”. That is not accepted. So I try just “” but that is not allowed either because understandably that is the main domain of Infinityfree.
So as a starter, can someone tell me where I am going wrong ? How do I add my website if the sub-domain is not allowed and the domain “” is not Infinityfree’s domain ?

I would be really grateful for some help with this. All I am trying to do is to add SSL o my webspace.


Step 1) Install SSL on your site. After that, Cloudflare works great. If Infinityfree lets you install your own certifcate, try this:

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What @sdayman said, plus

never work. You need a proper certificate, the certificates @sdayman mentioned will work too.

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