Cannot get staging site to work with SiteGround host since I setup Cloudflare

Cloudflare Free Plan, without Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM) or any other add-ons, only issues a “Universal SSL Certificate” which covers only the first level of subdomains. That is to say, would be covered, but wouldn’t.

From what you’ve described, it sounds like your site redirects you to the www subdomain (from to, so disabling SSL on wouldn’t fix the issue.

You have a few options, it looks like SiteGround is a traditional host and issues you certificates for your domain. You could try gray clouding (disabling Cloudflare Proxy) on those records, but you would lose Cloudflare’s protections and other features. You could also buy Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM) which would let you issue a custom certificate for that domain. You could try disabling SSL via configuration rules based on hostname equals, if nothing else works and you are ok with the risk of your staging site getting MITM’d & aren’t going to login to it or otherwise send private information to it.

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