Cannot get past hCAPTCHA logging into Cloudflare Management portal via CyberArk Privileged Cloud

Our organization is in the process of deploying CyberArk Privileged Cloud to manage access to applications which have leveavted access to our environment. The Cloudflare management portal ( is one of the applications which provides privileged access to our web environment and we wish to control access via CyberArk Privileged Cloud.

We have our PSM servers configured in Privileged Cloud and have a platform setup for Cloudflare managment portal. If I connect to the platform via Privileged Cloud, I am able to get to the login page, but once I authenticate (username & password), it goes into an endless loop of hCAPTCHA and never completes the login process.

If I use CyberArk Privilege cloud and log into the PSM servers directly, and launch a Google Chrome window from within the PSM server, I am able to complete the username/password authentication which then takes me to the MFA authentication which also completes successfully.

The IP addresses of the two PSM servers when logged in directly are the same IP addresses for the PSM sessions when connecting to the Cloudflare platform, yet connecting to the platform puts us in the endless hCAPTCHA loop.

Obviously, we do not want our Cloudflare users loggin into the PSM servers directly to access Cloudflare. What can we do to prevent the use of hCAPTCHA on the management portal.

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