Cannot get past cloudflare captcha after

I accidnetally blocked cookies for Cloudflare which I instantly unblocked and now my whole browser (Chrome) cannot access any site using Cloudflare protection or CAPTCHA. I look in the console and proceed to see “GET (website URL) 403” as well as under Request for the Private Access Token challenge. I get *GET challenges Cloudflare com (can’t post full link) * error code.

I have no clue what to do and I just get an infinetly loading CAPTCHA

It does work on other browsers fine and on other devices where I’m logged in, I just screwed up this one badly


Same here. Chrome browser can’t bypass CF captcha.
CPU Load 100% while “Verifying…”
The issue observed from April 5 night (europe timezone)

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I encountered the same problem on my Linux machine. Mac seems to be working fine.

Linux is using Chrome 111.0.5563.64, Mac is using 111.0.5563.146.

Come on guys, you can’t launch updates like this into production without testing it on every device… Shameless.


Same here. I can’t believe me fat fingering remove to block would create such a mess

Should be GET challenges Cloudflare com (can’t post full link) 401 but I’m pretty sure youse know what I mean

Every website protected by Cloudflare’s Challenge is stuck in a permanent loop of verification, see the video: Cloudflare ChatGPT Loop

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I’m not on ChatGPT though. I’m on a different site and plus this was my negligence I believe because I Accidentally blocked cookies and as I unblocked it everything broke

The same. I cannot open ChatGPT and Ukraine Gov website.

Same problem, Challenge infinite loop

captcha repeated on

Seems it got resolved now

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