Cannot get non www address to forward properly


I recently bought a URL on Cloudflare, and designed a simple website on google sites. following the publish to custom url prompt in google, i was able to connect to my website. It initially didnt work when proxy was enabled, but i turned it off and it works great.

Now, i want to be able to type it in without the www ( and have it redirect to the full address official site. I tried a page rule and a redirect rule in cloudflare, and still cant get it to work. I keep seeing that proxy needs to be enabled for this, but then my site doesnt work at all. is there a way to make my site load when proxy is enabled?

Any help on getting this to work would be much appreciated.

The links that currently work are and

The links that DO NOT WORK ARE and

Thank you for any advice!

Sounds very similar to Help Redirect Non-www to www Not Working on transfer site

unfortunately, i still cant figure it out. Could really use some help on this one.

Cloudflare can only redirect if the requests are sent to Cloudflare in the first place.

For the domains that you want to redirect, you need to create proxied DNS records with name @. The rest doesn’t really matter, you can just use the same parameters as for your records with name www. Just change the name to @ and proxy to proxied.


That worked! Thank you very much.


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