Cannot get HTTPS to work

I have a website on a Hostgator dedicated server with an expired SSL. I tired to migrate to Cloudflare, but apparantly browsers are not looking at the Cloudflare cerificate, and instead continue to see the expired cert on Hostgator. I would delete the Hostgator certificate, but am afraid that will completely disable the site (it has in the past). What is the safest way to fix this. Site is

You still need a valid certificate on your origin server when using Cloudflare. However, you can generate a free Origin CA certificate in the dashboard that can be used to secure traffic between Cloudflare and your origin server.

First, create an Origin CA certificate and install it on your origin server. Here are the steps to do so. Second, make sure your SSL mode is set to Full (strict) in the dashboard → SSL/TLS. Once you have followed these steps your website should start working again.

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Perfect response, which allowed me to resolve my problem.
Thanks so much!

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