Cannot get email to verify domain in apple icloud

I have set up the domain, verified the account but now I can’t get a verification email sent to my iPhone iCloud to use the custom email domain

Hi @duggananji, can you privately message me your email address used to sign up?

Thank you.


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Hi @duggananji,

Checking internally for the email: redacted, there are no bounced or errored messages sent from Cloudlfare.

I am not seeing any verification email triggers either.
Can you use a desktop to trigger the verification email?

Thank you.

I don’t have a desktop and I have sent triggered the email verification several times

I I guess I can try from my tablet
And see what happens…

Oh sorry the email I am trying to verify is redacted

Hi @duggananji, we may need to investigate this further as I am not seeing any events for your email addresses you have provided.

Please open a Support ticket and post the ticket number here, I will update your via ticket.

Thank you.

There has been a ticket open for 6 days
The ticket #is 3066667

Hi there,

I’ve picked up and replied to your ticket.
Reply back if you have any question.

Take care.

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