Cannot get email from Bluehost after getting Cloudflare setup

I finally got Cloudflare up and running on website, however I have not received email since activating Cloudflare on my Bluehost account. I reached out to them but they said that it is a Cloudflare issue now. I looked on the settings and found the “Email” section. However, I don’t want to add any more DNS records and mess something up. Any help or guidance?

Domain: www.presentlyperfect. net

I have not received email since activating Cloudflare on my Bluehost account.

Your domain has no MX record, meaning it cannot receive emails.

You need to add the appropriate records for your existing email service provider. Do NOT activate the Email feature in Cloudflare… that’s for Cloudflare’s own email forwarding service (which is not even a complete email solution).

Cloudflare should have scanned your domain and imported all the existing DNS records when you added the domain. But it seems this was somehow skipped.

To find your appropriate email DNS records to add, go to your Hostinger control panel and pull out your DNS management tool. You should find your DNS records there, which you should replicate in your Cloudflare DNS manager.

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I don’t have Hostinger…I use Bluehost. Is it the same thing? Not sure where to find this DNS management tool but will look on the cpanel and see.

Sorry, for mentioning Hostinger instead of Bluehost. Too many tabs open :disappointed_relieved:

Fortunately, everything else in my response applies: just replace Hostinger with Bluehost.

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