Cannot get domain from Godaddy to forward to the that I was told to set up in the CName

I am new to Cloudflare and I was giving instructions on setting up my domain in the CNAME by putting a “pms.” in front of my domain from Godaddy. Now no one going to my website is seeing anything and it is not being forwarded as it should be. I changed the name servers on Godaddy as instructed but when people go to, they do not see my website. I have to enter in to get to it.

And if I use the forward tools on GoDaddy to forward from my domain to the pms. domain, that does not work either and just resets the name servers back to what was originally on GoDaddy.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try setting that CNAME record to :grey: DNS Only. You can do this by clicking on the :orange:.

Thank you for the response but that did not work. Any other thoughts?

Hi @bobby10,

What is the domain and what are the exact instructions you were given for adding the record?

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