Cannot get DASH/HLS files from BackBlaze via Cloudflare


Hi guys,

I’m working on stream video and get the issue about delivering DASH/HLS video files from BackBlaze via Cloudflare.

For more detail, my videos are stored in BackBlaze after transcoding.

For example, I have the dash file named: 15a394b9-5d9e-4a72-a875-d9d97dec0b9d.mpd

Here is my configuration for Page Rule:

When I try to play the MP4 file on BackBlaze via Cloudflare with this link:
https ://
Player tool:
=> I can play this file via Player.

However, when I want to get the DASH file, for example, the link:

I got the error:

I checked with CORS on BackBlaze, I tried to enable CORS for all requests.

However, the issue cannot be resolved.

Is there anyone having experience with this issue? Does this issue relate to Cloudflare?

Thanks for reading and hope for getting help from the community.




Thanks for your reply @Withheld.
Even though I try to enable the CORS from Backblaze and follow this article as well but no luck.

Have you faced this issue before?



Hi guys,

I think this problem can be caused by caching from Cloudflare even though I follow this instruction:

I will close this question because I retry to upload the new file and it works now. However, the old file still got the issue.


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