Cannot get any support to remove 2FA from business account

Sadly our colleague who set Cloudflare up for our business passed away last year. We need access as a business but I’m getting little to no support. They asked me to create a ticket using our deceased clolleagues email which we did. A bot replies to say we have to do it from the dashboard. But this is the whole point!! We can’t get to the dashboard with 2FA actove. We have supplied a death certificate and also have a letter from the next of kin should they need it.

I have tried all of the phone options even sales and I just get a voice mail. SUPPORT please get in touch this is getting silly.

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your colleague.

If you post the Ticket #, we can escalate it to make sure you get detailed steps to recover the account.


Thank you sdayman!! Pick one of the many ticket numbers…

[-] 3272024 - Re: [-] 3246058 - Re: [-] 3172306 - Re: [-] 3143562

Honestly appreciate any support and help you can give us. Its been a nightmare…

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This has been escalated. Someone should be replying on one of those tickets shortly.

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Hey there,

Thank you for sharing the tickets with us. This issue is a bit complicated to resolve immediately, but we are actively looking into it and will reply to you through the ticket that is currently listed as open.

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Hi @user79714,

We have reviewed the ticket 3272024, and we have replied.

However, please note that this issue will need to be addressed via ticket.


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