Cannot get access to my domain

Hi Everyone!

A former VA moved my domain to Cloudflare early last year. I was told the account was under my email address. Well, cloudflare does not have an account with my email addresses, and since I am not the owner of the account, I cannot be given access to my domain.

It is currently redirecting to another site and I would like to get this fixed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get access to the domain when you don’t have any idea what account it is listed under?

Thank you!

You can try the “Forgot my Email” link from the login screen.

Hopefully you have access to your domain registrar. If so, you can set up a new account here and start from scratch. But you’ll need to know which DNS records you need for your site. Your website host would have this information.

Or just go to the domain registrar, but change name servers to the one your host normally uses.

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