Cannot get access to domain

I am a website developer working for a company that has a domain registered through Cloudflare. The domain was registered 8 years ago and they do not know the email address used to register it.

We have tried the Forgot My Email link to no avail.

I have read a lot of posts saying that the only solution is to open a new Cloudflare account and point the domain to the new account and add the DNS records. The DNS records are not a problem, however, since Cloudflare is both the domain registrar AND the DNS host, that is not a viable option.

The business owners have said they spent over two hours on the phone with Cloudflare and were unable to get any help. I am wondering how best to advise them, and if there is any sort of domain recovery process.

Please share the number they called, I am curious to know with whom they spoke.

Cloudflare Registrar was not an option 8 years ago. What is the name of the domain?

We’ll do as best we can here and ensure our Support team is engaged, but let’s start from the domain name.


The domain is therocketmodel dot com.

I will get more information about the number they called and try to nail down the timing. It looks like Cloudflare began registering in February of 2016? Which is almost 8 years ago?

Thanks so much for your response and any advice you can give.

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The domain was registered in 2012, but nameservers only went to Cloudflare in 2022 according to various DNS history sites (and aligns with the WHOIS last change). Perhaps that timeline will help them locate any relevant emails or payment records until support can get back to you.


How did I not know this DNS history site existed??? I’m definitely adding this to my toolbox and will see if this lines up with anything on their end.



Are you able to advise me further with the domain therocketmodel dot com?

+1 to the feedback from @sjr on using the change dates to figure out who was working on the site at the time of the changes. As indicated, the domain was purchased in 2012 and added to cloudflare in 2022 and at some point after that it was transferred to cloudflare registrar. Your client should have a record of that charge.

Cloudflare Support can only work with the domain owner via the account/email of the account owner, if your client is unable to figure out who was working on the site at the time it was added to cloudflare, they are going to have to add it to a different account (like the one you are using here) and work with Support to verify ownership (most likely by adding a specific file on your site that Support can verify).

To kick off that process, can you create a Registrar ticket using the account you are using here and share your ticket number here? You should include the name of the domain and a link to this conversation, Cannot get access to domain.

You can open a Registrar ticket here,

Thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your help and advice.

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Ticket ID: [3114639]

Additional information I have found out:

  • The customer has no recollection of anyone working for them in July of 2022 to tell us how/why the domain was transferred to Cloudflare.
  • I now know of an email address that was in use at the time the domain was first registered, which they no longer have access to but may be tied to the account.
  • The 2 hour phone call with Cloudflare without help was a miscommunication. The customer left several messages in the chat box but no one got back to them. I’m sorry for mis-representing this.

Thank you, I will flag your ticket for my colleagues in Support. And thank you for the notes on the call, I suspect (very sure) they reached a sale line and really disappointed the team did not respond.

Can you share that email address on your ticket for the Support team?

I believe the ask from the team on the ticket is for them to help move the domain to an account you can control. I will add myself to the ticket after escalation in order to track progress.

I did share the email in the ticket but was not comfortable putting it here publicly.

I really appreciate your help. I am also sure now they went the sales route not the support route, which is why I am working on their behalf. While I know how important it is for the business owner/account owner to be involved it can be a huge challenge for someone without the technical knowledge or language to navigate the system. :slight_smile:


+1 perfect decision :+1:

I really appreciate that it is a challenge, that’s part of the reason we’re here is to help navigate & use cloudflare. And when we cannot help, we want to ensure we guide customers to the resources that can help them.

I’ll talk with the agent working in the Community today, they’ll communicate back on the ticket.


Hi there-

Hope you are doing well!

I have responded to the ticket #3114639. If you have further questions, please continue to work on the ticket.

Thank you,

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