Cannot get a verification email to save my life

i used an old domain and email address to create my cloudflare account a while back, the email used for the signin was since not renewed and gone.
however signin was working.
i was worried about losing access one day or not being able to reset password etc, so i tried to change the signin/email address in Cloudflare, but since i never verified the email (it seems), i could not change the email till i verified it first. So completely stuck, with no cloudflare support options. i could not verify it because i no longer held the domain… And the domain was taken by a sales horder.
i lodged a request ignored by cloudflare at the time. but now it seems you cant have a free account in order to get support.

then a few months later (today) i noticed the domain was available.
decided to reregister the domain. done cost me $21. added the zone to cloudflare…
added domain back to 365 and set up the email alias on one of my email accounts.
all records and mailflow confirmed working.

yet, when i now try to click Verify in cloudflare (resend verify email) it says INSTANTLY “Sent”
Nothing arrives. nothing in junk, nothing in 365 trace. and it says SENT so instantly i hardly beleive its sending anything.
I click resend enough times till it says you must wait 1 hour. done that 3 times.

Whats next?
I am getting very annoyed as i have payed to reregister this domain just for this reason! i will be deleteing the domain & zone after i get the email/login changed in cloudflare.


Additionally, the emails to verify “Cloudflare Community” worked instantly to the same address.
which i was able to do when signing up to make the above post…
so the mail flow is fine.
Just not from Cloudflare account.

OK, looking at other related cases, it seems my email may be on a suspension list since the email was invalid prior and its likely at some stage tried to send me emails… that will need to be manually cleared by Cloudflare it suggests.
Please do so…

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare Community, and sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.
Looks like your email address ended up on our suppression list due to one of the following:

  1. The address was invalid
  2. You clicked an unsubscribe header
  3. You clicked on one of our emails and flagged it as SPAM, and this FBL (FeedBack Loop) event added your email address to our Suppression List.

Nevertheless, I’ve hence removed your email address from our suppression lists, and you should now be able to validate your email address.

I hope this solves your issue, let us know if we can further assist you in this matter.


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