Cannot forward domainn

I want to forward a domain to an external domain. When i put in a CNAME with @ and the forwarded domain i get a 403 error. When i add a redirect rule it just comes back unreachable. I just want my domain to redirect people to an external website and there are no clear instructions on how to do that

CNAMEs and redirects are different. A request for a CNAME will ultimately return an IP address, but it won’t change the website host name that is the target and will likely return an error to the client if the server doesn’t support the host name.

If you want to redirect to a different site, then a redirect is what you need. These can be set up in page rules or redirect rules. There must be a DNS entry for the host you are redirecting from. You can use A or AAAA 100:: as dummy values. Ensure it is proxied.

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So im redirecting the root domain and i have sub domains pointing to other things. So do i still need an A, and then also a redirect?

Ok that worked.

A record with my root domain pointing at
Redirect rule with URI full with the root domain as the value and the page to forward in the redirect field.

Thank you for your help.

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