Cannot find regex matches operator

I cannot find “Matches the pattern (regex)” as the operator.

Please let me know which one to choose which are shown in the above screenshot.

You should be able to find the regex matches operator if your Cloudflare Plan is Business or higher.

Please describe what you want to accomplish. If you are facing a DDoS where requests are made to random paths with a 22-character string, you will not be able to stop it using regular, non-regex operators.

Instead, you should study your own website’s sitemap and see if it’s possible to include all legitimate paths and managed-challenge all other request.

If incoming requests match…
URI Path is not in {“/” “/path1” “/path2” etc.}
Managed Challenge

Thanks for the clarification about being it in a Business plan or higher.
This will also help others who are not able to find the option in Free plan :slightly_smiling_face:

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