Cannot find record ID

I am following this tutorial: Use Cloudflare as Dynamic DNS with Raspberry Pi - Let's WP.

Which is showing how to create Dynamic DNS in Cloudflare. The issue I have is that I cannot manually find my $record_identifier. Notice at the end of the tutorial it shows how to manually retrieve the record ID if the script is issuing a specific error. I’ve Googled and found this Where to find the Dns Record Identifier. Which states to pull the entire DNS record via curl and it fails for me, repeatedly with auth issues. Is there another way to get the record identifier from Cloudflare? I’ve been spinning my wheels trying to figure out the auth issue. To the point where it would be easier to get the record ID the same way, I got the zone id if possible, via the GUI as a logged-in user.

If you edit that record manually in the Cloudflare Dashboard, then Save. It will show up in the Audit Log at the top of with the (Record) ID.

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