Cannot find audit log for change of firewall rules

Currently, in the Audit Log page,<ID>/audit-log, we are able to find most of the actions logged, except change to firewall rules. According to, it is said that beta features are not logged, but I do not know if Firewall Rules is one of them.

Looking through my Audit Logs, I see a bunch of entries when I was modifying my rules. They show up as Filter Update and Firewalrulesapi Update.

Beyond that, I haven’t taken a close look at them to see if that’s what they really are.

Which actions seem to be missing? Just an edit to an existing Firewall Rule?

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You are right, it could be seen if I do not do any filtering on the domain name. However, once I try to filter the audit logs by domain name, those logs disappear…

Interesting. Mine don’t show up either in filtered results. Open a Support ticket and see if they can track down this issue.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.

Thanks for your confirmation, a support ticket had been opened, will update in this thread when there is any update.

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The support engineer replied that the engineers are working on the issue, and the ticket is placed in On-Hold status. They promised to update the community once the issue is resolved.

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This should now be fixed, and future changes for firewall rules should start appearing in the audit logs. Thanks for your patience.